Personally I would never have expected to be working with something like dance, because I had a hard time feeling comfortable in my body as well as in moving esthetically. Social dance, since it is not a performative way of dance, has helped feeling more comfortable in my body and to learn to use my body to music.

As a teacher it is important to me to give people the feeling that they can dance and that they have the ability to be creative. I also want them to experience joy in moving to music without feeling pressure to perform.

It is important to me that people feel they may be whom they want on the dance floor without being stuck to norms such as sex, gender and what one might call the “traditional” roles in couple dancing.

Furthermore I want to teach my students how to verbalize feelings they experience with their physical body as well as psychologically. We don’t necessarily learn to interpret physical experiences or to verbalize them. I find that ability important in order to become free and conscious about how to use your body in the way you want, and to be able to express yourself.

The connection of music and movement in Swedish folk dance is very interesting for me so I want my students to be able to understand what they are hearing and to become able to find ways to move to and in it by themselves.

I hope to  be able to have ingoing discussions with my students and to develop the way we dance together.