Artistic Work

September /November 2015   ”Folkedanskroppen og Scen“, 7,5 cp at NTNU Trondheim (Norway)

As examination for that course I created a short choreography which was based on a videoclip from Trondheims dance archive. In the film clip you saw a couple dancing to Polka music. They had an interesting  phrase/rythm of steps which caught my attention, so I based my work in that phrase.


April/May 2017 “Dans och Koreografi”, 7,5 cp at Dans- och Cirkushögskolan, Stockholm (Sweden)

Here you can read (in swedish) about my artistic process and work with my performance Wurzelwerk which was part of the course “Dans och Koreografi”. For a summary in English please contact me.

DP 16, Henrike We3sp, Skrivuppgift DK VT17