My name is Henrike Wesp. I am 22 years old and currently a student at Dance and Circus School (DOCH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

I was born and raised in Germany, where my family still lives, but moved to Sweden after I graduated from High School to learn more about Swedish folk music and later on about Swedish folk dance. As a result I started to study at DOCH in 2016 to become a dance pedagogue in folk dance.

What fascinated me about the swedish folkmusic/-dance society was the strong connection between music and dance, musician and dancer. When I started to learn swedish folkdance I learned much about the music I wouldn’t have understood otherwise. I feel now that I am able to play music with my body and to dance with my music. That connection is central in my dance practice.

Besides my interest in dance ad music I like reading and writing, being outside and swimming.

Feel free to ask me anything!